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Wireless Unified LAN Controller WX3010 Wireless Unified LAN Controller WX3010

Wireless Unified LAN Controller WX3010

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Recursos e Benefícios

Enterprise-Class Wireless User Access Control and Management
3Com® Wireless Access Controllers provide wireless networks with expanded system capacity, enhanced performance and powerful control capabilities. Ideal for deployment in branch offices and campus networks where centralized management of wireline and wireless resources is critical, they provide redundancy, quality of service (QoS) in a roaming environment, and enhanced authentication and security features that surpass those of stand-alone wireless networks.

The 3Com Wireless Unified LAN Controller WX3010 has eight 10/100/1000BASE-T ports (supporting PoE+) and 2 SFP ports (supporting selected gigabit and 10/100 transceivers). It ships with support for up to twelve managed access points and 1,024 wireless users— excellent for small-sized deployments and remote offices.

Expands Wireless Control over the Growing Enterprise
3Com wirelss controllers employ an innovative authentication mechanism based on user identities, rather than ports or devices, to guarantee network mobility and security. During authentication, an authentication server assigns a user profile to a device. If the user passes authentication, the device uses the configuration contents in the user profile to restrict the accessible resources of the user. When this user goes offline, the device disables the user profile. As a result, user profiles are applicable to online users rather than offline users. This includes users who did not pass authentication.

Information exchanged through access controllers in the WLAN network enables consistent access and security policies across the entire network. In addition, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) and Wired Equivalency Protocol (WEP) encryption functions based on a combination of Wi-Fi® Protected Access (WPA™)/(WPA2™) and 802.1X authentication enhance network security.

Centralizes Management of 802.11n APs
3Com Wireless Controllers series can be used to manage 802.11a/b/g/n access points (APs). In 802.11n mode, the 3Com 802.11n-based AP can provide wireless access rates equivalent to six times the wireless access rates provided by a conventional 802.11a/b/g network, expanding coverage and capably deploying wireless multimedia applications.

The 3Com WX3000 Series also provides an embedded portal server to provide security authentication for users in places where clients cannot be installed.

Provides Fine Wireless User Management
Using MAC-based authentication and access control, the rights of user groups and specific users can be configured and modifed on the AAA server. This fine user rights control method greatly enhances the availability of the wireless network and enables network administrators to easily allocate access rights to various levels of users or user groups.

Enables Flexible Data Forwarding Modes
To ensure the seamless transmission of data, 3Com Wireless Controllers support both centralized and distributed data forwarding. Combining their mutual advantages, users can configure local forwarding for data traffic from clients with a specified service-set identifier (SSID), virtual LAN (VLAN), or SSID+VLAN and centralized forwarding for data traffic from other clients.

Supports Location-Based User Access Control
3Com Wireless Controllers supports AP-based user access control, enabling administrators to control the location a wireless user can access in the network. When a wireless user attempts to access the network, the authentication server forwards a list of APs that the user can access to the AC, ensuring that the wireless user can access only specified and pre-determined APs.

Applies Quality of Service Policies on a Per-User Basis
For networks based on user authorization, a user is authenticated before accessing a network. This authorization controls the network areas that a user can access as well as the network QoS (such as the access bandwidth and access priority) the user can obtain.

Controlled, Secure Access to Mission-Critical Data
To ensure users accessing a network comply with its security policies— minimizing the risk of security breaches or network downtime caused by poorly protected devices— 3Com Wireless Access Controllers provide an Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD) solution.

  • Eight 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, supporting PoE+, and 2 SFP ports

  • Ships with support for up to twelve managed access points and 1,024 wireless users— excellent for for medium-sized wireless LANs

  • Centralized forwarding and control architecture facilitates network deployment of virtual LAN (VLAN), access privileges, network management and quality of service (QoS) for wireless users

  • Virtual AP services enable the network administrator to provide specific services for different user groups, optimizing bandwidth and system resources and simplifying network maintenance and management

  • Support for Layer-3 roaming and fast roaming satisfies the most demanding voice service requirements

  • Exceptional switching capacity and wire-speed processing provides powerful forwarding capacity for medium-sized wireless LANs (WLANs)

  • Local forwarding of data packets ensures consistent broadband-based access and data transmission

  • Location AP-based user access control ensures wireless users can access and authenticate only to pre-selected APs, enabling system administrators to control the location that a wireless user can access in the network

  • Media access control (MAC)-based authentication and access control enhances the availability of the wireless network and enables network administrators to easily allocate access rights to various levels of users or user groups

  • 802.1X network access control centralizes wireless security through existing Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) servers to simplify deployment and protect the network from unauthorized user access

  • QoS authorization controls the network areas a user can access as well as the access bandwidth and access priority a user can obtain, simplifying routine management tasks

  • Automatic AP power adjustment features analyze user access status in real-time, adapting power requirements based on environmental changes and ensuring high-quality user access signal coverage

  • Intelligent channel switching and real-time interference detection ensure the allocation of an optimal channel to each AP, minimizing adjacent channel interference

  • Intelligent load-sharing analyzes the locations of wireless clients in real time, ensuring optimal client throughput regardless of location or number of online sessions

  • Multiple authentication modes, including 802.1x, Web portal, MAC address and Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) certify user identity and network integrity

  • Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD) ensures that only wireless clients who comply with mandated enterprise security policies access the network, reducing threat levels by infected wireless clients and improving the overall security of the wireless network

  • Robust and the most up-to-date standards-based security

  • Support for dual power and hot backup of power supply maximizes network availability

  • 802.11e Wi-Fi Multimedia™ (WMM®) wireless QoS standard, when combined with wired QoS policies, provides end-to-end QoS, ensuring different wireless channel competitiveness for different services

  • Supported by 3Com Intelligent Management Center (IMC) network management platform, which effectively integrates traditionally disparate management tools into one easy-to-use interface