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Fora de linha Switch 5 Portas Gigabit Auto MDI/MDIX Switch 5 Portas Gigabit Auto MDI/MDIX Switch 5 Portas Gigabit Auto MDI/MDIX

Switch 5 Portas Gigabit Auto MDI/MDIX

Part number: 3CGSU05A
Disponibilidade: Consulte
Garantia: 2 anos

*Valores com base para faturamento SP e válidos para Empresas com CNPJ.

Faturamento e entrega para todo Brasil. Consulte valores e frete para demais estados.

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Recursos e benefícios Especificações técnicas

Nº Portas 10/100: Não
Nº Portas 10/100/1000: 5
Porta Console: Não
N° de Portas Dual: Não
Gerenciável: Não
Empilhável: Não
Layer/Camada: Não

Recursos e Benefícios

Compact, Streamlined, Affordable Gigabit Switching for Small Offices with Big Demands
The Gigabit Switch 5 is designed for small offices and remote branch offices requiring high network performance to exchange large data files and images, and access real-time information or connect to high-speed servers or a high-speed network backbone.

Part of the 3Com Green initiative, this switch with its compact streamlined enclosure has one of the smallest form factors in the industry, and with its low power consumption, minimizes the carbon footprint. The 3Com logo illuminates on power up, and blue LEDs indicate port connections.

Featuring autosensing and auto MDI/MDIX on all ports, the 3Com Gigabit Switch 5 automatically finds the fastest connection speed; the autosensing 10/100/1000 ports automatically adjust to the speed of network devices communicating at 1000, 100, or 10 Mbps, so the switch can accommodate a range of workgroup applications. All that is needed is to connect the power and Ethernet cables.

There is no software to configure. Easy to set up these switches feature a fan-less design which provides silent operation. With 5 ports you can expand your network by adding more computers or devices with speeds up to 2000 Mbps per port in full-duplex mode.

The 3Com Gigabit Switch 5 offers high-speed, high-quality, reliable, affordable networking with a style that will accommodate any office environment and is backed by an outstanding 2-year warranty.

For those requiring a larger port count an 8 port version of this switch is available with similar features, the 3Com Gigabit Switch 8.

  • Auto-speed sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps connectivity enables connection at 1000 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps, ensuring optimum throughput for bandwidth intensive applications and compatibility with legacy equipment

  • Full-duplex support allows two-way data transfer, doubling the effective bandwidth

  • FCC Class B certified for home and office use (more stringent than Class A certification)

  • Auto MDI/MDIX on every port eliminates most common cabling problems, whether the port is connected to a server, PC, another switch or hub

  • IEEE 802.1p traffic prioritization lets real-time programs such as video and audio applications run more effectively

  • Jumbo Frame support, up to 9k, for reduced network load

  • Front panel LEDs provides immediate notification of network use without requiring special technical knowledge

  • Operating system independence supports maximum integration of different operating systems within a network; no extra configuration of the network is required

  • Plug-and-Play convenience for hassle-free installation and simple setup; no complicated configuration is required

  • No-fan design ensures there is no noise disturbance from the switches

  • 2-Year limited warranty, provides the on-going warranty support that businesses need