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Fora de linha IntelliJack Switch NJ220, cream, 20-pack IntelliJack Switch NJ220, cream, 20-pack

IntelliJack Switch NJ220, cream, 20-pack

Part number: 3CNJ220-CRM-20
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Recursos e benefícios Especificações técnicas
Recursos e Benefícios

Quadruple LAN Connectivity at the Wall
The 3Com® IntelliJack® Switch NJ220 is an "in-the-wall," managed Ethernet switch that easily quadruples LAN infrastructure connections. Four switched ports and up to two pass-through ports connect a variety of devices via one wall outlet, making it more cost-effective than pulling additional wiring. This unique networking platform is ideal for hard-to-wire spaces such as asbestos-insulated walls, older buildings, dormitories, and modular cubicles.

The wall-mounted form factor is more secure than a freestanding hub or switch. The unit mounts inside the wall space, keeping the switch case and uplink port out of the way. A network jack isnt easily damaged or disconnected, nor will it "grow legs" and vanish. It provides unobtrusive and reliable connectivity for high-traffic locations such as classrooms, public kiosks, conference rooms, and shared office spaces.

The included management software provides port-level monitoring and central administration of the 3Com IntelliJack Switch NJ220. Advanced 10/100 switch features and SNMP compatibility enable network jacks to be discovered and controlled by standard enterprise management platforms-including 3Com Network Supervisor and HP OpenView.

  • Four 10/100 Mbps switched ports connect desktops, notebooks, printers, fax machines, or VoIP telephones; optional pass-through ports support telephony or additional networking

  • Bundled central management capabilities help streamline IT administration and enhance data security

  • Management GUIs offer fine control of a single port, as well as bulk administration for a group of network jacks

  • The Location Mapping feature remotely locates any device on the network—a great advantage for troubleshooting

  • Standards-based traffic prioritization, multicast rate control, and VLANs balance loads and boost security

  • Security features include 802.1x Network Login, RADIUS support, MAC address filtering, traffic monitoring, SNMP traps, 802.1Q VLANs, and wall-mounted case

  • Power over Ethernet lowers the risk of power interruptions; port #1 can forward power to another device

  • Portable AC power supply for LANs without inline power capabilities is also convenient for installation and configuration

  • Compliance with NEMA-WD6 and ANSI commercial building standards helps ensure easy installation