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Fora de linha OfficeConnect Managed Fast Ethernet PoE OfficeConnect Managed Fast Ethernet PoE

OfficeConnect Managed Fast Ethernet PoE

Part number: 3CRDSF9PWR
Disponibilidade: Consulte
Garantia: 3 anos

*Valores com base para faturamento SP e válidos para Empresas com CNPJ.

Faturamento e entrega para todo Brasil. Consulte valores e frete para demais estados.

Valores válidos enquanto durar o estoque, sujeitos a alteração conforme variação do dólar.

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Recursos e benefícios Especificações técnicas

Nº Portas 10/100: 8

Nº Portas 10/100/1000: 1 Dual

Porta Console: Sim

N° de Portas Dual: 1

Gerenciável: Gerenciamento Web
Empilhável: Não
Layer/Camada: 2

Recursos e Benefícios

Affordable, Managed Fast Ethernet PoE Switching with Flexible Uplink
The 3Com® OfficeConnect® Managed Fast Ethernet PoE Switch is a 9-port Fast Ethernet Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch that offers enterprise-class switching for business of all sizes, as well as remote branch offices.

This switch offers enhanced features, customized and priced for small- and mid-sized organizations. With an easy-to-use interface and advanced features (VLANs, IEEE 802.1X authentication and Rapid Spanning Tree), this switch is the most cost-effective way to provide a converged network.

The switch can be securely and remotely managed from a central main office location using a command line interface (serial or SSH), Web-interface (HTTP or HTTPS), or Telnet.

Layer 2 Switching with Advanced Features
The OfficeConnect Managed Fast Ethernet PoE Switch has 8 10/100 port and one flexible dual-purpose gigabit SFP port (copper or SFP-based fiber) to connect to high-performance computers, servers, or core network backbones.

This switch has the features that help build a voice-ready network, with support for auto-voice VLAN, SNMP-based management, IGMP snooping and query, and IEEE 802.1X and advanced Access Control Lists (ACLs) for strengthening security.

The OfficeConnect Managed Fast Ethernet PoE Switch also supports Spanning Tree and Rapid Spanning Tree, traffic prioritization, priority queuing and VLANs. These switching features ensure optimal use of available bandwidth as traffic flow is directed according to the needs of the business.

The switch provides non-blocking performance— all ports perform at wirespeed which helps to eliminate network traffic bottlenecks. Manual link aggregation allows ports to be grouped together to form an ultra-high-bandwidth connection that greatly expands bandwidth capacity to the network backbone

No Switch Setup Required
This OfficeConnect managed switch is operational straight out-of-the-box; as long as default settings are acceptable, there is no need to configure the switch. If desired, the switch can be configured using a web browser or SNMP management software.

Enhanced Intuituve Management Options
For networks that require more control, the switch web management interface provides an intuitive, menu-driven process for even novice users to quickly and confidently configure the switch during initial setup and manage it during normal operation. Graphical switch and port views provide a clear understanding of switch status and configuration.

In addition, the web interface features individual port-traffic monitoring (port mirroring) and MAC address port mapping tables. A cable diagnostic tool lets users troubleshoot basic connectivity problems via the web management interface further simplifying network installation.

The OfficeConnect Managed Fast Ethernet PoE Switch is also supported by 3Com Network Supervisor (3NS) and 3Com Network Director (3ND) management software.

3NS and 3ND can be used to map the network topology, indicating what devices are connected, and on what ports. Switch management and software upgrades can be easily done. Other SNMP-based management tools may also be used.

This switch also supports a compact Command Line Interface (CLI) that is accessed via the front panel console port. Using the CLI, major switch management options can be quickly configured.

  • Managed Layer 2 Fast Ethernet Ethernet switch

  • Eight 10/100 ports and 1 Gigabit SFP port, dual-purposed with 1 of the 10/100/1000 ports (configurable as RJ45 or SFP); front-panel console port for CLI management

  • Auto-voice VLAN automatically assigns Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic to a voice-dedicated VLAN, optimizing this delay-sensitive traffic

  • No need to configure the switch if default settings are acceptable

  • If more control desired, the switch interface allows even novice users to quickly and confidently configure the switch

  • VLANs segment the network by grouping users based on their data or traffic requirements, making the best use of available bandwidth

  • With LACP link aggregation, automatically group ports together to form an ultra-high-bandwidth trunked connection to the network backbone and help prevent traffic bottlenecks

  • IEEE 802.1X network access control provides standards-based security combined with local authentication

  • MAC- and IP-based ACLs enable network traffic filtering and enhance network control

  • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) support improves network compatibility, scalability and availability

  • Jumbo Frame support for reduced network load

  • IGMP snooping and multicast filtering optimizes network performance

  • Switch can be managed with SNMP-compatible software like 3Com Network Supervisor and Network Director