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Cloud PC Wyse D00D Cloud PC Wyse D00D

Cloud PC Wyse D00D

Part number: 909631-01L
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Garantia: 3 anos

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Features new Dell Wyse D class.

Designed to allow your users to flourish within ever changing and demanding desktop environments, the new Dell Wyse D class offers you new dimensions in computing performance, high definition multimedia and operational flexibility in a compact  affordable form. The D class’ compact frame hosts an array of display, peripheral and network connectivity plus further flexible networking, storage and I/O options; everything in fact to offer you the ideal cloud client for Citrix, Microsoft and VMware VDI environments. 

Dell Wyse Device Manager supports the D class with scalable enterprise-wide management. From fast ‘day one’ out-of-the-box deployment, to patching and updates and on to granular desktop device management – all with secure end-to-end encrypted communications. When it comes to energy efficiency the D class is designed to out-perform other  more power hungry desktop alternatives, including other thin clients in its class. Its silent, disk and fan-less design contributes considerably to lowering an organization’s carbon footprint through power usage and emissions.

Your all around high performer.

Need to deploy a dependable platform to display, manipulate and work with high definition multimedia, voice and video in a virtualized environment? The D class’ hardware acceleration engine and dual monitor support offers your users outstanding performance and display capabilities across 2D, 3D and HD video applications.

High performance processor. Driving the D class’ high speed and performance is a  powerful energy-saving AMD G-Series Dual core T48E 1.4 GHz processor, offering you a strong all around platform on which to support an increasingly diverse range of user, application and operating requirements.