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Cloud PC Wyse Z00D Cloud PC Wyse Z00D

Cloud PC Wyse Z00D

Part number: 909692-01L
Disponibilidade: Consulte
Garantia: 3 anos

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Dual-Core G-T52R 1.5GHz /2GB RAM /0MB Flash /S.O. Wyse WSM 

Features Dell Wyse Z class

Dell Wyse Z class is the ideal high performance cloud client that’s perfectly suited to users who are increasingly demanding more from their virtual desktop environments – as well as the traditional cloud client benefits of security and management.

Featuring fast processing, accelerated graphics and multimedia, fast and flexible user connectivity and excellent energy-efficiency never seen before in a cloud client, new Dell Wyse Z class delivers uncompromising high performance when users need it most.

Dell Wyse Device Manager supports Dell Wyse Z class with scalable enterprise- wide management including simple deployment, patching and updates and asset management – all with secure end-to-end encrypted communications.

Like all Dell Wyse cloud clients, new Dell Wyse Z class is one cool operator. Its energy efficient processor – which out-performs other more power hungry alternatives –  and silent fan-less design, all contribute to lowering an organization’s carbon footprint through power usage and emissions that are a fraction of traditional PC desktops.

High Performance cloud client

When performance  matters most

Fast processing  Accelerated graphics and multimedia  Fast and flexible user connectivity  Excellent energy-efficiency

From the instant the new Dell Wyse Z class boots up it delivers everything that today and tomorrow’s users need in order to tackle the most demanding  virtual desktop environments.

At its heart beats the very latest single or dual core AMD G-Series Accelerated Processing Units or APUs, where all the processing, graphics and HD video tasks are performed on the same piece of silicon. Giving a dramatic leap in user experience and the ideal platform to reap the benefits of Dell Wyse cloud, virtualization and management software.

High definition  multimedia experience

Display, manipulate and work with stunning high definition multimedia graphics, voice and video in virtual desktop environments that are ready for Unified Communications. That’s the promise the Dell Wyse Z class more than delivers on, with great performance across 2D, 3D and HD video applications. Its new design takes them all in its stride and is the first to include hardware accelerated DirectX® 11 graphics with OpenGL 4.0 and OpenCL™ support.