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Storage Dell EqualLogic PS6510ES/PS6500ES Storage Dell EqualLogic PS6510ES/PS6500ES

Storage Dell EqualLogic PS6510ES/PS6500ES

Part number: STGEQPS6510ES_PS6500ES
Disponibilidade: Consulte
Garantia: 3 anos

*Valores com base para faturamento SP e válidos para Empresas com CNPJ.

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Recursos e benefícios Especificações técnicas


Armaz. Máx. 166.8TB  / 84.8TB + 82TB  SAS, NL-SAS HDD/ Prot. iSCSI GbE


Maximize your resources
Keep pace with your changing data-storage needs and make efficient use of your IT resources. Take full advantage of the high-speed hybrid design of the PS6510ES and PS6500ES to store and deliver data efficiently.

Enable efficient auto-tiering that keeps your hot data readily accessible on low-latency SSDs and your colder data on high-capacity, near-line SAS (NL-SAS) HDDs, all within one array.
Help consolidate multiple workloads with up to 84.8TB1 capacity.
Enhance network throughput with 10GbE connectivity in the PS6510ES array (1GbE connectivity with PS6500ES).
 Accelerate performance up to 430 percent while lowering average I/O latency by up to 79 percent2.

 GB means 1 billion bytes and TB equals 1 trillion bytes; actual capacity varies with preloaded material and operating environment and will be less.

 Results based on August 2012 internal Dell testing tiered workloads on the Dell EqualLogic PS6510ES compared to the PS6510E.Actual results may vary.

Hyper enable your virtual environment
Manage multiworkload applications that have critical data sets and huge user shares.

Scale without fail
Simultaneously add capacity and computing power to your SAN environment without disruption through EqualLogic’s peer-scaling architecture.

Enable enhanced SAN functionality
Automatically virtualize and optimize storage resources with EqualLogic Array Software 6.0.

Work efficiently with your VMware infrastructure
Coming soon, Host Integration Tools for VMware 3.5 (HIT/VMware 3.5) empower you to work seamlessly with your VMware applications and operating platforms.

Assimilate with your Microsoft platforms
Coming soon, Host Integration Tools for Microsoft 4.5 (HIT/Microsoft 4.5) tightly integrate EqualLogic arrays with your Microsoft operating system and applications.